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Juliette Armand
Facials & Products

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I am currently offering the following facials using Juliette Armand's products. I am also delighted to say I am a stockist for the brand. Get in touch with me, Sam, on 085 178 8481, or by email at to book your facial today. 

Elements of Evolution 

This line is based on innovative ingredients and technology, offering beauty formulas of advanced cosmetology and maximum results. All our Therapies are result driven.

Everyday Therapy 


This tailored facial is customised to your specific concerns. The belief is that the skin has different moods which changes and therefore your prescription must be personalised on all levels. Targeting acne, wrinkles & sensitivity at the same time.

Vitamin C Therapy

This antioxidant facial is perfect for those seeking a pick me up. Vitamin C plays a vital role inhibiting ageing by environmental factors. Ideal for reducing wrinkles, pigmentation and photo ageing. This facial involves Hydra C Latex Mask and a self-heated Modelling Thermo Mask to target penetration of Vitamin C.

Retinoid Therapy

This Vitamin A facial targets ageing & sun damaged skin. Retinoid HPR is sister of the Vitamin A family, with all the benefits of Vitamin A, but without the side effects. This facial involves Cryolifting Latex Mask and Red Clay for lifting and firming the skin.

Brightening Therapy


This whitening facial is for targeting hyperpigmentation, blotches, melasma and post inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

With a combination of Vitamin C, Rumex, Arbutin and Liquorice, for regulating melanin & destabilising the tyrosinase enzyme. Discover & obtain a uniform appearance.

Ceramide Therapy

This repairing facial focuses on the disrupted acid mantle, the important skin barrier for optimum skin health. Ceramides prevent dryness, irritation & protect the epidermis from environmental damage. This facial involves BIFIDUS, a natural probiotic for repairing signs of damage such as redness & irritation.

Skin Boosters

Skin Boosters uses cutting edge Technologies, Cosmetic Drones & innovative peptides to postpone your appointment with plastic surgery.

The Three Amazing Treatments are:

Thavma 'Miracle' Therapy – You don't need to resort to BOTOX. This facial treats expression lines. The cutting edge EFFECTOX ™ technology slows down the muscle contraction, preventing further lines from forming. The Leuphasyl Peptide relaxes the muscles while Argireline prevents the formation of lines.


Chronos 'Time' Therapy – You don't have to resort to injectable filling of wrinkles. This facial firms and plumps the skin while stimulating Type III collagen. The 4 Dimension ™ involves peptides for reducing wrinkle size, volume, density & depth.


Opsis 'Look' Therapy – You don't have to resort to blepharoplasty! Opsis Therapy utilises EYE ANTITOX™ technology which reduces dark circles and fine lines of expression whilst combatting puffiness.


Acne Peel Facial


Amazing for Problem skin of all ages you can start from 10 years plus. 


Using the Juliette Armand Clarifying Range which has been specifically designed for Acne Skin this facial is ideal for eliminating bacteria and reducing inflammation. It specifically targets any bacteria that causes skin flare ups and irritations and is an effective and reliable acne treatment and can be used on a regular basis.

Get The Glow Facial 


Has your skin lost its Lustre? Have you noticed more pigmentation, and skin looking duller and no shine? The Glow Peel From The Juliette Armand Range will help you get your skins mojo back.


This facial is amazing for:

  • Skin Tone

  • Pigmentation

  • Sun damage

  • Excess freckles

  • Dull lifeless skin 


The Juliette Armand Range for Dull Skin will give you the complexion you want for the party season and a much needed boost as we enter the winter time.

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