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F A Q's


Q - What does Acupuncture Treat?

A - Acupuncture can treat a whole range of issues from aches and pains, respiratory issues including long covid, circulation issues, endocrine issues, muscular issues, joint pain, headaches/migraines, fertility issues both in males and females.

Remember Acupuncture is also a compliment to Western Medicine and should not replace its place in your treatment plan unless discussed with your doctor first. 

Q - What happens on my first visit to the Lotus Acupuncture Skin and Health Clinic?

A - I will take a full diagnosis on your condition and do a diagnosis from a Chinese Medicine perspective. You should be as honest as possible so I can treat you accordingly. I will have a look at your tongue and check your pulse, and from here we will get started.

Q - Does Acupuncture hurt?

A - No, there will be a mild sensation to the insertion, some needles will feel more dynamic than the others. The ones that do feel more sensitive are diagnostic in themselves and will tell us a little more about your situation.

Q - How long will the treatment last?

A - Each treatment lasts an hour. The rooms are warm and cosy and there is relaxing music playing in the background. Once the needles are in, I will leave you for about 45 minutes to snooze - that is when the magic happens!

Q - How will I feel afterward?

A - You will feel quite tired but relaxed after the treatment. I always suggest that each person takes a glass of water before they leave just to perk them up. After about an hour you will feel amazing. You might need a disco nap later on.. this is your body's way of telling you that you need to rest to relax and take full advantage of the treatment. I always suggest keeping your world small following Acupuncture - no fitness classes, no running around, try and have an easier day to give the body a chance to recover and mend.

Q - What are the needles like?

A - The needles are hair-like in size. They are single-use disposable needles which mean they are disposed of in a plastic container and disposed of like medical waste. 

Q - Can I reclaim from my private health insurer?

A - I am accredited with the AFPA which means I can give receipts that will cover you with all the insurance providers. Make sure to check your plan to see what cover you have.

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