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Micro needling or Collagen Induction Therapy is based on Cosmetic Acupuncture but with a modern day twist. Working with a motorised pen, this machine works in slow motion covering all areas of the face and neck if required.
Micro needling will help with

  • It improves the appearance of forehead lines and wrinkles

  • Frown lines or the 11s between the brows

  • Crows feet at the side of the eyes and at the top of the outer cheek

  • Pigmentation

  • Sun damage, brown spots and age spots

  • Acne scarring, chicken pox scarring

  • Uneven skin tone

  • Smokers lines around the mouth

  • Marionette lines from jowls to the nasal fold

  • The jowly effect at the lower cheeks 

  • And a brighter complexion to the skin all round.

The Micro needling treatment starts with a double cleanse following with a mild facial peel. This will help prepare the skin for Micro needling. Using different mediums of mesotherapy from hyaluronic acid to vitamins a, c, e these will soak into the skin quicker because of the tiny micro punctures caused by the pen. Once the pen has done its work we will follow with a face mask which will ease any redness and will fill the face with extra collagen to help heal the skin and promote a better result.
To see a continued improvement, it is advised that you do this once every 3 – 4 weeks until you get your desired effect and every few months afterwards to maintain.

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