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Lotus High Frequency Facial

Here at The Lotus Skin Clinic we only use Direct High Frequency.


The High Frequency current is passed through the skin using small circular movements and we will start at the neck area.

The effects are amazing: 

  • It is a great treatment for acne

  • It helps to dry and heal pustules

  • There's a germicidal effect which in turn helps to kill bacteria to help those with problem skin

  • Cleansing effect due to the increase in sebum flow and perspiration

  • Aids exfoliation therefore improving the texture of the skin

  • Improves the skin colour


High Frequency will benefit those with problem skin, sallow skin and sluggish skin.

The Lotus Skin Clinic offers a discount when a course of facials are booked in advance. Get in touch with Sam on 085 178 8481 to book your facial today. 


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