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Flu Buster Remedy

Updated: Nov 3, 2021

As tasty brew to help you ward off coughs, colds, flus or recurring respiratory issues during the chilly months!

I am a great believer in being prepared and truly believe that prevention is better than cure. So many of my family, friends, clients, and even myself, fell foul to the debilitating double tap flu that did the rounds last winter courtesy of the Beast From the East.

So this year I am planning on keeping myself ahead of the pack with this simple flu buster remedy that is 100% natural and full of earthy goodness.

Making Your Brew...

It’s a recipe that is well used as it contains ingredients we all have in our cupboards.

Follow these simple steps to make yourself a batch of flu buster remedy…

1. To a jar add:

  • Half a jar of manuka honey.

  • A small onion (make sure you cut it very fine).

  • One clove of crushed garlic.

  • The whole insides, and zest, of a lemon.

  • A eucalyptus leaf (if you can find one).

2. Let the ingredients infuse for a few days.

3. Once infused, add one tea spoon to a glass of hot water. Sip and enjoy!

This remedy will help ward off coughs, colds, flus or recurring respiratory issues over the upcoming colder weather.

Here’s to health and happiness for the start of 2019. Enjoy!

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