Corporate Wellness & Mobile Treatments

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What Corporate Wellness & Mobile Treatments Do We Offer?


As both myself and Suzanne have a wealth of work experience in the corporate, public and private sectors we understand completely how the pressures of the modern day workplace can play havoc on the work force.


In the 21st century more and more companies are looking not just to have a healthy work force but they are looking to reward their people for a job well done. Suzanne sees Corporate Wellness as an opportunity to heal the worker in the work place with a number of relaxing treatments that she brings to you. 

Using reflexology, 10 different types of Massage, Reiki and Rahinni Energy Healing, she believes that by treating the client in the workplace it gives the person a chance to take time out from their busy roles without leaving the building. It also helps relieve stress and anxiety and improves work place relations as the person feels valued by their employers.


Suzanne has over 10 years’ experience in this field and is proud to say she has worked for a number of large organisations over the years including Aer Lingus and Workday.

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